If your company is in need of distribution, warehousing, sales support, sampling, sampling follow-up, logistics, or
other custom services, GJ MORRIS, INC. is ready to help.  

We have years of experience and represent major chemical companies as agents. We can source a specialty
chemical that you have had difficulty locating or securing a reliable, timely supply. We  can also arrange for the
processing & milling of various materials, packaging or repackaging, and toll manufacturing of your company's

Our Traffic/Logistics department is capable of the most complex negotiation of import/export contracts, letters of
credit, and associated documentation. We are experts in the transportation & storage of chemical products
Give us a try, we will custom tailor a solution for you!
GJ MORRIS, INC. offers many cost saving, value-added outsourcing solutions, options and services. These services are in addition to our primary distribution business and
handled by our Outsourcing Solutions Group.
Specialty Chemical Distribution Done Right!